Privacy Policy

VERSION 2022-07-19

This Privacy Policy details how we collect and use your personal information on the Services. Any capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meanings outlined in our Terms of Service. Please contact us if you have any questions.

1. Collection

When you use the Services we collect the following information.

1.1. Account Information. We collect your name, email, address, contact number and other information when you supply it to us. Organizations may request information from you when using the Service. We use this information to create your Account and to get in touch about your Account when needed.

1.2. Third Party Information. When you connect a Third Party  Service to your Account those services may provide us with information that we need to save to your Account in order to continue providing the Services.

1.3. Payment Information. Any payment information you supply is transmitted via a secure, encrypted connection to the Payment Processor. We don’t store your payment information only the information needed to identify which information you have stored in the Payment Processor.

1.4. Communications. We may store any communication you have with us to use for future inquiries about your Account.

1.5. Content. We save all content, text, files, and images that you upload to the Services, whether public or private, for use in the Services.

1.6. Device Information. We store information about your interactions with the Services, such as the device type, IP address, and browser type. We use this information to improve the Services.

1.7. Location Information. We store information about where you are accessing the Services from. We use this information to improve the Services by providing information relevant to your location.

2. Sharing Information

We may share your information as described below.

2.1. Authorized Third Parties. We may share your information with Third Parties that you authorize.

2.2. Law Enforcement. We may share your information with Third Parties when it becomes necessary to comply with reasonable law enforcement or national security requests for specific information.

2.3. Those working for Capture Collab. We use Third Parties to help us secure, analyze and improve the Services. These Third Parties may access and store your information to perform tasks and will do so with the same level of protection of your information.

2.4. Aggregated or Anonymized Information. We analyze data across the system to help improve the Services. We may, from time to time, disclose those analysis of data from usage of the Services for the benefit of the broader community. We will not disclose the data itself, only the analysis or findings from the research.

3. Protecting your information.

We take the following steps to protect your information.

3.1. Data Security. We ensure that data is stored on secure servers. Any payment information will be transferred via an encrypted connection.

3.2. Retention. We retain your information for as long as needed to provide the Services. You can ask for your information to be deleted by contacting

3.3. Location. Information you submit to our services will be stored in the United States or Australia but may be transferred to Third Parties in other locations.

3.4. Modification Information. Information you have stored on the Services can be modified at any time or deleted via the Services or by contacting

4. End User Information.

We have no relationship with the End Users of Your Site.

5. Cookies, Analytics and Tracking

We use “Cookies” (small sets of information stored as text) and “Pixels” (images used to identify web visitors) to provide a more personalized experience via the Services and Third Parties services and to measure and analyze usage of the Services. Here is a list of those services.

  • Google Analytics
  • Segment
  • ProfitWell
  • Stripe
  • Active Campaign
  • Asana