Capture your not-for-profit's history.

Capture Collab for your Organization

Teams can now share photos with each other in a flash. No more hassle or complicated procedures - just tap the button and it's done!
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Search your organization's history

Don't waste time trying to remember where you put that perfect photo. Search through all of your captures with Capture Collab and find it fast!

We've been in your shoes

We know just how hard it is to collect images from your photographers and how to find them later. This tool takes all the pain out of managing your photography.

Single Place To Upload

Your photographers upload here. No more drive and dropbox links. This is the one place to dump their photos.

Privacy First

Only the people you invite can see the photos you give them access to. Invite parents to see all the photos that have their kids in them. No one else will see them and they won't see anything else.

Instant Access

Save this to your phone so that right when the photos are uploaded they can check and see them at the top of the feed.


Libraries for Each Event
Libraries for Each Event

Setup a Library for each of your events to ensure that the right people have access to the right things. No one will accidentally upload to the wrong spot.

Group By Albums or Events
Group By Albums or Events

Create new albums for each of your organizations events.

Real-time Updates
Real-time Updates

No need to send out new links. When the photos get uploaded everyone already has access.

Search by Tags
Search by Tags

Use labels for your images so that they are easier to find and search. Improve your teams workflow with tags, allowing them to filter photos in an instance.

A Single Place for your Photographers to Uploads
A Single Place for your Photographers to Uploads

We ask for the tags before they upload. No more dropbox links from one person and drives for another. All of your photographers upload right here so you get access instantly.

Share with your team
Share with your team

With Capture Collab, you can invite just the right people to see your photos. It focuses on streamlining teamwork and making it easier for everyone in your orginization to work together more effectively!


How can capture collab help my not-for-profit?

There are many ways that capture collab can help your not-for-profit organization. One way is by making it easier to invite and collaborate on projects. All photos can be tagged and grouped to allow teams to access the photo they need in no time.

Another way that capture collab can help your not-for-profit is by providing a central location for storing photos related to projects. This can make it easier for people to find what they need when they need it, and it can also help ensure that everyone has access to the latest version of any photos for that project.

Why is capture collab the best photo uploading tool?

The best way store your not-for-profit photos is with Capture Collab. It’s easy, quick and convenient! With this tool there will be no more asking other team members for a photo from the weekend–you’ll simply open your dashboard and search by tag.

How can I get my Not-For-Profit signed up to Capture Collab?

Capture Collab is a great way to start collaborating with other people on projects within your organization.

To get started your not-for-profit started, go to the Capture Collab website and create an account. Then, create a new library and invite your team. Once you’ve added collaborators, they’ll be able to view and upload images to your libraries. You can also invite your team members to capture collab, even if they don’t have an account they can sign up!

How does Capture Collab improve communication?

Capture Collab also helps improve communication within not-for-profit organizations. With the ability to share an unlimited number of photos, staff members can now more easily stay up to date with what’s going on. No more missed meetings or events – everyone can be on the same page thanks to Capture Collab!

More than just a photo tool for your not-for-profit

Sharing photos among not-for-profit team members just got a whole lot easier - and faster - thanks to Capture Collab. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can now share an unlimited number of high-quality photos with your fellow team members. Here are just some of the benefits that your team can enjoy by using this amazing new app.

Faster Photo Sharing
Capture Collab makes it easy and fast to share an unlimited number of high-quality photos with other team or staff members. Simply tap the button and it's done! There's no need for complicated procedures or separate apps - everything can be done within Capture Collab.

Easier Collaboration
With Capture Collab, teams can now easily collaborate on projects. Whether it's sharing photos from a recent event or brainstorming ideas for the next one, Capture Collab makes it simple and straightforward to get everyone on the same page. Plus, with the built-in chat function, team members can easily stay in touch with each other.