Views are great to display a series of photos within an album. If you don’t want to share every photo in an album, just create a view and make it public! You can even set a date for your view to not be live.

Creating A View

  1. Start by searching your library to filter the results down to just what you’d like to see.

  2. Click the EYEBALL icon to open the View Creation Screen.

  3. Give your View a Name and click “Create View”.

Editing A View

  1. Click the View that you’d like to edit from your Views list.

  2. Click the Settings Icon at the Top Right.

  3. Update the information, name and tags. Even set an expiring date if you wish.

  4. Click Save.

Sharing A View

  1. Click the Avatar share icons at the top right of the View page next to the settings icon.

  2. This will open the Share Settings.

  3. By Default all Admins and Owner will have permission.

  4. You can invite existing members of you account into the View or invite new email addresses.

  5. You can also revoke their access on this screen.

Public Share Links.

  1. Views can be made public so that users don’t need an account to view them.

  2. Click the Settings Icon on the View Page.

  3. Click the Check Box to Make the View Public.

  4. Click Save.

  5. You can copy and paste the generated URL to share these assets with anyone.